Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wrist Braces and Towing Notices

Well, I'm tired of snow. This week we had I think the fourth weekly blizzard since I came back to SD. Tuesday, Eric and I ran to Sioux City to beat the storm and pick up a few things. Eric was going to play DS and somehow dropped his stylus after hitting himself in the face with it (we're a very talented family). He couldn't find it while to car was moving, so while he was picking up some stuff from his dorm, I reached under the passenger seat to try and find it. I think I went wrong by doing this while seated in the driver seat, because my hand got stuck - my right hand. There was a moment when I thought my hand was going to brake, but I pulled my hand out, scrapping the wrist, bruising the back of my hand, and (as I now know) spraining my wrist.

Then the storm hit, effectively trapping us at home again. By Thursday morning I realized I needed a brace, but the entire town was shut down.

Friday I finally got a brace, but when I got home, there was a nice orange sticker on my car. My car was flagged as potentially abandoned and had to be moved by Sunday night or it would be towed. My dad's first thought was that the people who live across from where I park reported it because they don't like me parking there - a real possibility, despite it being a public street (seriously, people, you don't need the entire width of the cul-da-sac in order to back out of your drive, and if you do, you need to practice backing up). I called the police department to determine what was going on and found out there is an emergency decree that all cars must be moved every 24 hours so that the streets can be cleared. I don't know when they expected cars to be moved, considering school was still called off Friday. I think a lot of cars were flagged yesterday.

The current temp is -17F. The car has been moved, the brace is on, and now I'm on my second mug of tea, still trying to get warm.

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