Thursday, July 30, 2009

List of injuries since Sunday

1. Bruise on base of left hand, pinkie side, from catching hand on corner at Coldstone. Pinkie/ring finger were numb then tingling the rest of the night (while serving the line that would not end)

2. Dropped pitcher on left foot. Results in circular bruise about 3 inches wide

3. Fell at gardens. Scrapped up right arm, right calf, and top of right foot. Fall was harder than originally thought, resulting in what feels like deep bruise on right arm and leg.

4. Broke blood vessel in back of left hand. Hand is currently slightly swollen, affecting grip. Driving is not fun.

***Does not include random bruises picked up during routine living. This list is limited to injuries actively causing discomfort.

The hot pad and ice pack are my best friends. I can't cross my ankles to sit as I normally do because I've injured the tops of both feet.

It was me or the kid

Last night I went to the jazz night at the Botanical Gardens. Katie and I didn't have great seats, so we decided to walk around, allowing me to take pictures and listening to the jazz via speakers. The walk way was pretty crowded, so when Katie stopped suddenly, I tripped. I could have caught myself, but that would have involved knocking down a preschool-aged girl. I did the noble thing and wiped out. My arm is pretty scrapped up, but neosporin is being applied.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Everything In Its Place

I am a weird occurrence magnet. Crazy things happen to me that don't happen to normal people. It's not entirely that I have klutzy tendencies. It's more that I attract situations.

For example, I work at a Cold Stone Creamery. My first day as shift leader, my coworker called in sick. Can't really fault her for it - she was in the emergency room. I called a few other people to try and get some help, but no one could come in. OK, I thought, I can handle this. What I didn't know of was a festival in the Loop. The line was so long that the wait was 1.5 hours. And people waited it. This went on for five hours, dying off 15 minutes before I got off.

This blog is a place for my stories. Hope you enjoy.