Monday, December 6, 2010

In which I trouble shoot a printer in my pajamas

I was all ready for bed when I got a knock on my door. Dylan needed my printer, since his and the family's aren't working. Sadly, mine is out of ink. Since his mythology project is due tomorrow, I went in to his room to trouble shoot his printer. The internet was slow, so we spent most of the past 1.5 hours waiting for drivers to download.


Me: That's my foot.

Dylan: What?

Me: You're standing on my foot.

Dylan (moves): You're foot shouldn't have been there.

Me: Do you really want to me to leave? Because I would rather be in bed.

Dylan: No.... want some gum?

I turned down the gum, installed drivers for two printers, tried to print some pages, failed, and am now going to bed while Dylan emails everything to himself to print at school.

Good night.