Friday, July 23, 2010

Some points from today

Note: The past three weeks, I have had my laptop repaired, moved back to STL, and started my practice experience. Life is busy, and the MPH is almost done.

1. There is now a St. Louis Bread Company in the Galleria, Because if there is one thing that STL needs, it's another Bread Company.

2. I got honked at three times on the way to work. Twice by the same person at the same red light. I'm sorry, huge SUV, but while you may be able to see over the Kingshighway bridge, I can't in my little Saturn. I didn't have the right of way, so I waited. Honking will not make me not wait.

3. I pre-ordered a book at Borders and went to pick it up today. The cashier couldn't find it and then went on a search throughout the store to find me another copy of the book. When I told her I had already paid for it, she went, "Oh" and found my book right away. Then we talked about comics and Scott Pilgrim. Good times.

4. I decided I didn't want to deal with other drivers tonight, so I went and saw Inception instead of going to the concert downtown. I really enjoyed it. I figured out the twists before the end, but the plot was structured in such a way that I had some doubts and didn't feel cheated when I turned out to be right.