Friday, September 25, 2009

Wrong Number

I had a message on my phone last night after the World's Largest Ice Cream Social. The lady went on for over a minute about this frying pan, how she was all excited about getting this frying pan, and if I could please call her back soon because she was really looking forward to getting this frying pan.

I checked the number, and it was from SD. I felt bad that this lady wasn't going to get her frying pan, so I called the number back. She answered, and I nicely told her that she had the wrong number and I couldn't get her a frying pan. She was pretty embarrassed.

Monday, September 21, 2009

This weekend in weird


I had to get to work at six, meaning I had to drive through rush hour and I wanted to run by the library to pick up some stuff that was on hold for me. I pulled up to a stop light not far from my house, and the guy in the car next to me honked. I looked over and he motions to me to roll down my window. Great, I think, I must have a flat tire or a tail light out or something wrong with Harvey that will require me to be late.

Dude in next car: Huron or Mitchell

Me: Um, Yankton

Dude: Oh, I was trying to figure out what 7 was (referring to my SD license plates) I'm from Aberdeen

Me: Nods

Dude: Well, welcome to MO!

Me: Thanks... (mumble) I've been here a year

I then waited an awkward moment and rolled the window back up.


I had to work during a crazy birthday part. There was major miscommunication between my boss and the lady. He is going to get a phone call this week.


I was watching some of the Emmys for Dr Horrible before Mad Men started. The owner of the house came home and wanted to make sure I knew how to run the new tv and cable box hook up.

Guy: Yeah, the remotes not working, so I'm going to have to look at how I hooked it up. I must have done something wrong.

Me: It's the remote.

Guy: No, there are new batteries in the remote.

Me: The picture is coming in on the tv. It's hooked up alright. But the remote isn't working.

Guy: Oh... you know, those batteries might be old. I'll be right back.

*brings back batteries*

The remote then works, but he had the box behind the tv.

Me: We need to move the box - right now it's blocked by the tv.

The remotes now work from the couch.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Memory fail

So I completely forgot (or blocked) my fail at work yesterday. Three of the four lights in the ghea (where the ice cream is kept) were burnt out. I found one replacement bulb and decided I would try to replace it. I'm a grad student, I should be able to replace a light bulb. Turns out, no, I can't, but I can slice my finger open in a poor attempt. Also, Cold Stone still had no band-aids (I put it on the 'need' list three weeks ago), so I had to MacGyver one out of paper towel and packaging tape.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just another manic Monday

I'm usually a pretty early riser. No alarm necessary, and I wake up around seven. However, one of the major perks of being an online student, in my opinion, is being able to do my school stuff in my pajamas. This morning I heard a knock on the door, but figured the house's owner would get it. His house, his repair problems, his responsibility. However, a few minutes later there was another knock, so I threw some clothes on and went to answer it.

After letting the kitchen repair guy in, I got myself some breakfast. The repair guy asked if and when I would be leaving. I didn't have to be at work until 11:30, so the plan was to leave sometime between 10:30 and 11:00. He relayed that he would be spraying the kitchen and advised leaving sooner. I thanked him and packed up my stuff, departing for Bread Co. (Panera for all you non-STL people) soon after.

I thought Bread Co. would be pretty quiet during the morning; it just has that coffee house atmosphere. Apparently I was mistaken, because the new retiree community has group meetings at the one in the Loop. Also, I decided I shouldn't listen/watch lectures in public places, because the diagrams associated with infectious disease are not for everyone.

Work was uneventful, and the test I took was finished without any problems. Not ten minutes after submitting the test, the power went out. I waited a bit to see if it would come back on by itself (it didn't) before venturing downstairs armed with my GPS unit complete with flashlight feature (the actual flashlight had dead batteries). To my surprise, the power was on in the back of the house. The owner checked the breaker box and said he flipped all the switches back. Still, no power for me. I went down to check, and the switch actually labeled for the upstairs bedrooms was still tripped. I fixed it quick, and power was restored. Hooray for me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I now have smoke inhalation on top of everything else

One of the blenders at work went epically kaput at work this afternoon. The crew member was making two shakes at once, and suddenly the blender was smoking. We let it sit for a bit, then I tried the blender again. It emitted comical amounts of smoke. You know in movies when smoke billows from something? That's what it looked like.

I got a face full of black smoke. When I went in the bathroom to check it, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Black soot was all over my nose. My eyes looked like I had been crying while wearing mascara.

I tried to call Crystal on my way home to update her on these developments, but she didn't answer. I considered leaving a message, decided I would, and started talking. Apparently I chose poorly, because her voicemail hung up on me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome Home

I just got back to STL. I rent a furnished room in a house, and I arrived back tonight to discover that the kitchen was completely sealed off from the rest of the house via plastic sheeting. Remember Andromeda Strain? That's what the entrance to the kitchen looks like. Turns out the leak the owner was working on fixing when I left resulted in mold (possibly black mold - I don't really know what kind of mold yet) spreading through the entire rear kitchen wall. The whole thing is torn up, microwave in the living room, etc. I can get to the fridge, but have to unzip the doorway.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

OK, Universe, We'll Put Today in Your Column

I'm getting ready to go back up north for the weekend/my birthday, so I've been attempting to get all my homework done before leaving tomorrow. With the internet down this morning, that did not happen. It's hard to do online class when you can't get online.

I then headed off to work. One wouldn't think that Cold Stone would be all that crazy a job. However, when the computer software goes wonky, the truck arrives, and the weather is nice enough that everyone and his brother decides to go out for ice cream, it gets a little nuts.

But now the internet is back up, I'm clean (I had chocolate on my shin when I got home. I didn't make chocolate ice cream. I have no idea where the chocolate came from), and lack all motivation to do anything.

I'm going to put today down as a "win" for the universe and watch some Muppet Show.

First Mate Miss Piggy about Captain Link Hogwash: "You and your bowling shows. He cries at the sad parts."