Monday, September 21, 2009

This weekend in weird


I had to get to work at six, meaning I had to drive through rush hour and I wanted to run by the library to pick up some stuff that was on hold for me. I pulled up to a stop light not far from my house, and the guy in the car next to me honked. I looked over and he motions to me to roll down my window. Great, I think, I must have a flat tire or a tail light out or something wrong with Harvey that will require me to be late.

Dude in next car: Huron or Mitchell

Me: Um, Yankton

Dude: Oh, I was trying to figure out what 7 was (referring to my SD license plates) I'm from Aberdeen

Me: Nods

Dude: Well, welcome to MO!

Me: Thanks... (mumble) I've been here a year

I then waited an awkward moment and rolled the window back up.


I had to work during a crazy birthday part. There was major miscommunication between my boss and the lady. He is going to get a phone call this week.


I was watching some of the Emmys for Dr Horrible before Mad Men started. The owner of the house came home and wanted to make sure I knew how to run the new tv and cable box hook up.

Guy: Yeah, the remotes not working, so I'm going to have to look at how I hooked it up. I must have done something wrong.

Me: It's the remote.

Guy: No, there are new batteries in the remote.

Me: The picture is coming in on the tv. It's hooked up alright. But the remote isn't working.

Guy: Oh... you know, those batteries might be old. I'll be right back.

*brings back batteries*

The remote then works, but he had the box behind the tv.

Me: We need to move the box - right now it's blocked by the tv.

The remotes now work from the couch.

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