Wednesday, September 2, 2009

OK, Universe, We'll Put Today in Your Column

I'm getting ready to go back up north for the weekend/my birthday, so I've been attempting to get all my homework done before leaving tomorrow. With the internet down this morning, that did not happen. It's hard to do online class when you can't get online.

I then headed off to work. One wouldn't think that Cold Stone would be all that crazy a job. However, when the computer software goes wonky, the truck arrives, and the weather is nice enough that everyone and his brother decides to go out for ice cream, it gets a little nuts.

But now the internet is back up, I'm clean (I had chocolate on my shin when I got home. I didn't make chocolate ice cream. I have no idea where the chocolate came from), and lack all motivation to do anything.

I'm going to put today down as a "win" for the universe and watch some Muppet Show.

First Mate Miss Piggy about Captain Link Hogwash: "You and your bowling shows. He cries at the sad parts."

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