Monday, September 14, 2009

Just another manic Monday

I'm usually a pretty early riser. No alarm necessary, and I wake up around seven. However, one of the major perks of being an online student, in my opinion, is being able to do my school stuff in my pajamas. This morning I heard a knock on the door, but figured the house's owner would get it. His house, his repair problems, his responsibility. However, a few minutes later there was another knock, so I threw some clothes on and went to answer it.

After letting the kitchen repair guy in, I got myself some breakfast. The repair guy asked if and when I would be leaving. I didn't have to be at work until 11:30, so the plan was to leave sometime between 10:30 and 11:00. He relayed that he would be spraying the kitchen and advised leaving sooner. I thanked him and packed up my stuff, departing for Bread Co. (Panera for all you non-STL people) soon after.

I thought Bread Co. would be pretty quiet during the morning; it just has that coffee house atmosphere. Apparently I was mistaken, because the new retiree community has group meetings at the one in the Loop. Also, I decided I shouldn't listen/watch lectures in public places, because the diagrams associated with infectious disease are not for everyone.

Work was uneventful, and the test I took was finished without any problems. Not ten minutes after submitting the test, the power went out. I waited a bit to see if it would come back on by itself (it didn't) before venturing downstairs armed with my GPS unit complete with flashlight feature (the actual flashlight had dead batteries). To my surprise, the power was on in the back of the house. The owner checked the breaker box and said he flipped all the switches back. Still, no power for me. I went down to check, and the switch actually labeled for the upstairs bedrooms was still tripped. I fixed it quick, and power was restored. Hooray for me.

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