Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Buses and buffets

After spending the afternoon shopping in Sioux City, Amanda, Eric, and I were ready for a very early dinner - 4:15 early. Amanda and I were planning on going to 5 Guys, but Eric didn't want burgers so we ended up at Golden Corral, a buffet. We got there, paid, and were directed to one side of the restaurant because a party of 500 was going to be coming.

Well, super.

We got our food and then the buses started arriving. Six buses of senior citizens on some sort of bus trip came, and I picked very poorly for our table location. We were definitely full when we left (well, Amanda and I were - Eric is Eric).

As we were finishing up a large group from WIT came as well as two more buses that I don't think they knew about. I am so glad we missed further craziness.

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