Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Last week at the MUNY the show was Footloose. Overall, I enjoyed the show, minus the number of the song "Footloose", but that was a problem with the book, not the performance. I like the song, a good thing since I listened to the song at least once per shift during my time at Cold Stone, and the song is broken up with dialog, making it feel jerky to me.

At the MUNY, the back ten or so rows are free, the only drawback being that us cheapskates wait about 90 minutes in our seats before the show starts. I bring a book and tend to finish whatever I'm reading that week. Last week, the people in the rows behind me got into a conversation about who was in the original movie. I was close enough to hear, but far enough to be out of the conversation. The lady behind me said, "Jennifer Grey."

Oh no, I thought, she's confusing it with Dirty Dancing.

Then the man behind her said, "Oh yeah, they made that sequel, Havana Nights."

And the confusion spread.

I spent the next few minutes texting Amanda and holding back laughter. See, Amanda confused Footloose and Dirty Dancing roughly once per semester at BV. I'd be going to the library, or we'd be sitting around, and she would say that she was in the mood to watch Footloose. We'd go check it out, get back to our room, start the movie, and she would realize that she actually wanted to watch Dirty Dancing. This happened all the time. A future birthday present may be a two-pack so she can have a double feature whenever she wants.

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