Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother's Day Tale

The thing about being the oldest child and only one with a driver's license is that no matter how much I would like to be on top of the whole present thing, I still end up somewhat responsible for my brother's present procurement as well.

Usually, Eric becomes my financial backer. I'll find something, tell him what his contribution will be, and then pick it up. This Mother's Day, however, he ended up on his own. I still told him what Mom wanted (Bell's Are Ringing on DVD), so off he went to Barnes & Noble. Apparently, someone bought the last copy minutes before he got there, so he ended up buying a DVD pack instead and getting Dylan to chip in. I'm sure a bewildered clerk check him out on Friday (What is this movie and how did two people come in for it within 30 minutes?!?)

While I had the present taken care of, I put off buying a card because I knew I would be giving someone a ride to Walgreens on Saturday. However, Dylan failed to inform me that Dad took him to get a card earlier, so it was put off longer than necessary resulting in a more limited card selection. Eventually a card was found, and Mom liked the gift.

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