Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hasn't stopped raining for days

It is, once again, raining in STL. Actually, it might have finally stopped, but I haven't seen the sun since Sunday, so it doesn't actually count yet. Apparently I have selective memory, because it took me a while to remember that, yes, it rains a lot in STL in the fall, so much so that I bought rain boots last October.

The rain outside was not the only water I dealt with today. Some time in the past week, a very important hose was moved at work. Rather than directing water from the ice cream machine into the drain, it sent the liquid out over the floor. I mopped every half hour on the half hour all afternoon, spreading the water out so it would dry. Good thing the air was nice and dry so it evaporated quickly, right? Oh wait....

Other typical minor crisis occurred throughout the day. I think the best analogy to my position out in OF is that I am Cam when she first started on Bones. The store runs alright, although not as efficiently as it should. My job is apparently to clean up the store, without actually working with other employees. My boss must think I have magical powers.

The weather forecast has given me hope. The sun is supposed to be out on Thursday. ON MY DAY OFF! I can go hiking and try to photograph the beautiful colors. Fingers crossed and prayers sent up.

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  1. Let's try this again!

    Man, most bosses to believe in magical powers. Apparently, I'm supposed to live on a $.25 raise this year. I did the math, and if I worked 40 hours a week, I'd be getting approximately $400 all together. But I don't, so I'm not.

    I'm enjoying learning about your magnetic life, and I wish I could say something encouraging like, "I hope you and Cam have a lot in common," but I honestly haven't seen the show.

    Anyway, great writing, and hope to read more!